15 Impressive Ways to Grow Your Startup

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6 min readOct 20, 2021


Looking for an startup agency to get started? I have 15 different ways to help you grow and scale your business online.

Startups are hard, but they don’t have to be.

There are many ways you can start a business that is both profitable and sustainable.

I have compiled 15 different tactics for growing your startup with ideas like customer acquisition, scalability, profitability, and more!

If you’re interested in how to grow your startup — from starting it up to scaling it out — this article has 15 helpful tips for the entrepreneurial spirit.

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Number 1:Find your most passionate customers.

Finding your most passionate customers would be massive niche oriented. With real-time, actionable data and the best insights in the industry, it will help any company increase revenue by making it easy to identify and convert new opportunities.

Now there are some simple low investment tricks you can apply to get you own passionate customers

Find your most passionate customers by building communities on Facebook groups, LinkedIn Groups, Telegram, Discord & running competitions/hackathons, asking for feedback and providing prizes to those who answer. Creating free webinars and then pitching your product for a trail version. Your mission should be to create the happiest customer base in the world!

Eg: Check out Scenes by Avalon they are a community based platform with the perfect integration of Social Media.

Number 2: Pick a niche that is profitable and sustainable.

Yes, it is true that you must constantly weigh the pros and cons before investing in a market and assisting it to expand. It is critical that you solve the problems of the people who already exist in that area rather than adding to their problems.

Eg: Cred is a financial platform where they have been helping a wide range of people specially Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and many more to improve their spending habits and clear debt on time to get more rewards.

Number 3: Use marketing automation to save time on customer acquisition.

It’s a requirement or you’ll lose consumers. You must automate some of the tasks in this planet or you will not be able to complete the adventure!! Only automation can prevent you from having to contact with your new consumer right away!!

Eg: Sending a welcome email right away as they signup to your platform or the service that you had been providing

Number 4: Take your product or service to market.

You need to execute the product and release the MVP(Minimum Viable Product) as you need to know that your existing customers are liking the product or not and the people are interested in buying your service/ product you have been offering.

Eg: release a beta versions where only a selected people can join in and use the product so that you can iterate the mistakes in MVP of that cool tool you had been making!!

Number 5: Invest in online advertising and marketing tools.

Online advertising doesn't mean only fb ads btw! It means getting attention on the internet wherever and whenever you can!!

Eg: Reach out to niched Instagram influencers, LinkedIn influencers , bulk mailing etc.

Number 6: Provide incredible customer service so you can wow customers.

Most underrated if you are personalizing your content for a certain group of people there is a high chance that people will share the story with others!
Free marketing…yay!!

eg: check out the mailing list for Zomato, Swiggy or Internshala!

Number 7: Sell at a profit, or provide an essential service that the market needs.

Remember you are selling solutions to problems and not problems to a solution! Yup if you want to do business at first you might have to sell it at a lost for the sake of Cost of Acquisition. But learn the power of upselling for making profits!!

eg: CRED is make losses right now but the LTV(Life time value) high!! As they have thousands of loyal customers who will be there with the startup buying their or using their services for a long time!!

Number 8:Be Selfish During Branding Your product

You have to be the biggest marketer of your startup to initiate growth so brand it out selfishly as no body will promote the product as you would!

Number 9:Get a referral program ready to have some growth.

Really important if you want to grow exponential. Every small to big companies have referral programme ready where customers get discount or some incentives in return to referring new customers.

Number 10:Invest more in SaaS(Software as a Service) tools and infrastructure for some growth hacking

You have to have the growth hacking tools that will give you growth to get leads to get people who will be interested in your brand and that you might need a lot of SaaS products to make a successful sale!!

Number 11: Build a marketing team that is essential to your success.

You do it by yourself even if you dont have a team.
Create memes on trending content and make it relatable to your brand and post it on social platforms

PS. You can also run it as ads

eg: cred makes hilarious ads with cricketers during the ipl season like the indira nagar ka gunda one!!

Number 12: Become a Media Company First

Yeah!! content matters a lot you need to make content to create awareness among the public. You need to create content where there is peoples attention.

Here is an easy way to do that

  • make a long form content on youtube
  • make short clips from that video and distribute it as reels on instagram
  • shorts on youtube
  • write a blog about it
  • publish the video as a podcast
  • upload short form content on youtube
  • make a carousel and post it on linkedin and instagram
  • make short videos and upload it on facebook and linkedin.

If you are still confused what you should do i suggest you to check out making 64 pieces of content a day by gary vaynerchuk(hyperlinked)

Number 13: Engage with your growing community

Open a discord channel or a WhatsApp group you will be overwhelmed how this community is going to help you!!

Eg: whenever you publish a new product they will be a building block for your projects they will go through all your mistakes so that you can reiterate it.

Save your self from f**king it up in public rather than producing a beta product for your community.

Number 14:Learn about Data Analytics in certain funnels

Number 15: Use influencer marketing to reach the right audience

There are many niched influencers whose platforms are underrated and you can take an unfair advantage by taking on brand collaborations.

eg: Raj Shamani, Abhi and Niyu, Vaibhav Sisinty etc. do brand collabs with many types of fintech companies like small case,ind money etc.

And last of all (if you an Kungfu Panda Fan like me):

there is no secret ingredient!!

This article talks about how to grow your startup in 15 different ways. The list includes finding the best customers, picking a niche, and using marketing automation tools like email campaigns or auto-responders

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